The Angel

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Whenever a good child dies, an angel of God comes down from heaven, takes the dead child in his arms, spread out his great white wings, and flies with him over all the places which the child had loved during his life. Then h gathers a large handful of flowers, which he carries up to […]

Hans Christian Andersen in Denmark

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Hans Christian Andersen in Denmark Information about destinations which H.C. Andersen travelled to or stayed at is available in the menu item “HCA in Denmark”. H.C. Andersen loved travelling, experiencing new places and revisiting with old acquaintances. He gained a lot of inspiration from his travels, for example, the place “Regisse Kilden” shows H.C. Andersen’s […]

H.C. Andersen Awards & medals

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Awards & Medals in the name of H.C. Andersen Since H.C. Andersen must be acknowledges as Denmark’s greatest writer – especially seen in light of his appreciation abroad – awards & medals given in his name are seen as prestigious. Some of the awards are given in context with his birthday April 2nd every year, […]

Novels by H.C. Andersen

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Novels by Hans Christian Andersen H.C. Andersen wrote a total of six novels and he published his first, The Improvisatore, in 1835. The novel was one of Andersen’s attempts at gaining an audience. It was also through his novels that he gained a foothold in his day in age as a writer and became acknowledged […]

Hans Christian Andersen’s Papercuttings

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Hans Christian Andersen’s Papercuttings In the menu item, “Papercuttings”, You can see H.C. Andersen’s many different and at the same time similar papercuttings. Many of the patterns and characters have a way of reappearing, e.g. swans, dancers and hearts. The reason behind Andersen’s many fairy tales and cuttings could be that he always carried his […]

Hans Andersen’s fairy tales

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Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales There are 212 registered fairy tales by H.C. Andersen and in the menu item “Fairy tales”, there are 157 of the published fairy tales. The 20 most popular H.C. Andersen fairy tales in Denmark have interpreting pictures of the fairy tales’ titles. The fairy tales include: Clumsy Hans, The Little […]

Hans Christian Andersen biography

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Hans Christian Andersen Biography H.C. Andersen (1805-1875) is known by everyone as the world famous, Danish poet, writer and artist who was already recognized and considered an original author in his time. He is mostly recognized for his fairy tales which are translated into more than 125 different languages and are still used for interpretation […]

Visit Andersen

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Visit Andersen – An international H.C. Andersen Universe Visit Andersen is an international H.C. Andersen universe, and the first collective online universe for anyone who seeks H.C. Andersen related information or entertainment. Visit Andersen offers a variety of H.C. Andersen related information and activities. A long and a short version of a biography that describes […]