Visit Andersen – An international H.C. Andersen Universe

Visit Andersen is an international H.C. Andersen universe, and the first collective online universe for anyone who seeks H.C. Andersen related information or entertainment. Visit Andersen offers a variety of H.C. Andersen related information and activities.

A long and a short version of a biography that describes his life and accomplishments. Read his travelogues and all of his 157 published fairy tales which are also animated and recorded for You to listen to. Visit Andersen features summaries of his six novels, pictures of H.C. Andersen’s paper cuttings and a description of his poetry.

Visit Andersen also features an overview of the prizes and medals that are annually and bi-annually awarded in H.C. Andersen’s name. It is possible to buy e-books, regular books and a number of different H.C. Andersen related articles in the menu point “Store”.

Visit Andersen LTD.

Visit Andersen was founded in 2013. Visit Andersen is an online universe that features cultural and tourist dissemination. Visit Andersen addresses both the national and international segment of people who take an interest in H.C Andersen. The data on the site is a combination of new and well-known material, all exciting and high quality material. Visit Andersen works with cultural and social institutions, all with knowledge about H.C. Andersen, and are, among others, The University of Southern Denmark and The Hans Christian Andersen Center.

The university’s ideas are plenty and some have already been implemented at the university. Pictures have been made for H.C. Andersen’s 20 most read fairy tales, and the fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling” has been animated and is available for viewers as a cartoon. It will be possible to experience several of H.C. Andersen’s fairy tales in for of podcasts, in different languages like English and German. Later on, it will be possible to experience H.C. Andersen’s work as edutainment and in the form of games.

Visit Andersen and Social Media

On Facebook, Visit Andersen has created a place for those who are interested in receiving information directly via their social media feed. In relation to the animating of the fairy tales, Visit Andersen run a YouTube channel where You can watch some of the products made by the university. You can also find Visit Andersen on Google+,Twitter and Instagram.

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