Hans Christian Andersen’s Papercuttings

In the menu item, “Papercuttings”, You can see H.C. Andersen’s many different and at the same time similar papercuttings. Many of the patterns and characters have a way of reappearing, e.g. swans, dancers and hearts. The reason behind Andersen’s many fairy tales and cuttings could be that he always carried his pen and a pair of scissors with him everywhere he went, and he never passed up an opportunity to cut or write. His fairy tales and papercuttings have many things in common, since both are open to interpretations. His fairy tales were never just good stories to pass the time, but contained morale and a deeper meaning. Today, one of his most famous papercuttings is “Sunhead”, which is also the H.C. Andersen Museum’s landmark and is also pictured several places around Odense – on tiles, in The King’s Garden and on DSB’s (Danish government owned travelling company) tickets as a watermark.