Hans Christian Andersen Biography

H.C. Andersen (1805-1875) is known by everyone as the world famous, Danish poet, writer and artist who was already recognized and considered an original author in his time. He is mostly recognized for his fairy tales which are translated into more than 125 different languages and are still used for interpretation and for general joy in our day in age. However, H.C. Andersen did more than write his beloved fairy tales. Among other things, he published six novels, poetry and was very skilled at papercuttings. He is also believed to be the originator of the Danish knitted Christmas heart.


Within Hans Christian Andersen’s biography, you can read more about how H.C. Andersen was a subclass child in the Danish town, Odense, with dreams of becoming an artist. You can also read about his work with great literary works, his interest in acting and entertainment, e.g. Madam Bunkeflod. In addition, You can read about how he did when he travelled to Copenhagen to follow his dreams and established a career in 1819. H.C. Andersen died in 1875 and was buried at Assistens cementary.

Hans Christian Andersen’s Biography