Hans Christian Andersen in Denmark

Information about destinations which H.C. Andersen travelled to or stayed at is available in the menu item “HCA in Denmark”. H.C. Andersen loved travelling, experiencing new places and revisiting with old acquaintances. He gained a lot of inspiration from his travels, for example, the place “Regisse Kilden” shows H.C. Andersen’s child-like faith which is encouraged in his novel Only a Fiddler(1837) where the protagonists, Christian and Naomi, experience ennui in an effort to change their destinies – destinies that are already predetermined. The map shows points _ public places where You can experience sculptures and other pieces of art which are inspired by, or in honor of, H.C. Andersen, e.g. “The Shepherdess and the Chimney-Sweep”, but also public places like Odense Cathedral, The H.C. Andersen Museum and places of education where he lived or stayed for a long period of time like Bredegade Slagelse and settlements like Odense Convent of Noble Maidens and d’Angleterre.