The Funen Village

The Funen Village is faithful to Hans Christian Andersen’s time period.

The Funen Village is an outdoor museum that invites guests on a visit to the countryside and the time of Hans Christian Andersen. The open air museum shows a typical Funen village environment with 30 buildings from the time period 1600-1800. The buildings range between farms and houses, all of which have been brought there from around area Funen and the islands.

The museum has recreated an environment from the 1800s, to allow the experience of a village environment with half-timbered buildings, flower gardens, cultivated fields, fences and village roads. Cows and goats can be found grazing, while geese are strutting along. Between the buildings you can follow the cultivation of old times, watch old Danish breeds of farm animals, and you can see the gardens of plants for human consumption as well as examples of Funen utility and ornamental gardens.

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Sejerskovvej 20, Odense, Danmark