The sculpture “The Emperor’s New Clothes” was built in 1988 and was made by Keld Moseholm Jorgensen.
The sculpture is made ​​of bronze, composed of three men and stands on a three- step podium with a large bright polished mirror in the background. The emperor is decorated with crown and sceptre. The tailor in front of the emperor holds up a mirror in front of him and next to them is a representative of the court with folded hands.

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes ” (1837) has been the inspiration for the sculpture. The tale is about the emperor, who is fooled and deceived by two men. The two men pretend to be weavers, who can make the finest clothes that have the magical ability to be invisible to people who are incompetent to their work. The Emperor cannot see the lovely clothes, but will not admit it out of despair. The deception goes up to the emperor when on a trip through the city a small child shouts:

“But he hasn’t got anything on,”