Hans Christian Andersen visited Bramstrup manor on Funen in 1832 and in 1838. Bramstrup lies in Lindved Ådal in Faaborg – Midtfyn municipality, about 5 kilometres south of Odense. Though there are easy ways of entering, Bramstrup exists fairly isolated in the middle of a large area of nature around Lindved Ådal, surrounded by woods, marshes, meadows and fields. The site represents Danish history with its natural and cultural environment, showing how the ice age shaped the setting and humans settled it.

Hans Christian Andersen took a summer trip to Sorø and Odense in 1832 and visited several manors of Funen, in an attempt to forget his unhappy love affair with Louise Collin – Jonas Collins youngest daughter. Hans Christian Andersen visited again in the summer of 1838.

In 1838, Hans Christian Andersen published four fairytales: The Galoshes of Fortune, The Daisy, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and The Wild Swans.