Tour of Odense

VisitOdense offers a walking tour in the heart of Old Odense to experience the memories of Denmark’s world-famous poet.
The tour begins in from city centre by the City Hall, where the sidewalks are imprinted with thirteen square granite blocks that mark the sites linked to Hans Christian Andersen. The stones are decorated with Hans Christian Andersen paper cuts: “the sun’s head” used by Odense city’s Museums and for example can be seen on the DSB ticket. Locations are marked and connected to each other in such a way that they form a historical journey on foot that in Hans Christian Andersen’s spirit.
It is possible, at VisitOdense, Vestergade 2, 5000 Odense C, to obtain information and brochures on Hans Christian Andersen and the tour in Hans Christian Andersen’s footsteps. Trip length is around 2 kilometres. VisitOdense offers a guided tour around Odense with stories associated with Hans Christian Andersen and the city.

Vestergade 2, Odense, Danmark