The sculpture “Thumbelina” is made by Lotte Olsen, it can be found on Sortebrødre Square and was unveiled in 1994. The sculpture is made of bronze, 3.4 metres tall and weighs approx. 600 kg.
The artist was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale Thumbelina (1835), about a childless woman seeking advice from a witch. The witch gives her a sty with instructions to put it in a flowerpot. From the mould of the flowerpot grows a plant. When the woman kisses the plant’s knob, a flower emerges and the little nude Thumbelina lies between the petals. The thumb sized girl experiences being kidnapped by a mole just to be rescued by her swallow friend and eventually she finds the prince of her dreams.

Sejerskovvej 20, Odense, Danmark