St. Canute’s Cathedral

St. Canute’s Cathedral is where Hans Christian Andersen’s parents were married on February 2nd 1805, where his father’s funeral took place on 30th April 1816 and where Hans Christian Andersen was confirmed on 18th April 1819. Hans Christian Andersen writes in “”Levnedsbogen”” (The Biography) (1832) and “”Mit Livs Eventyr”” (Fairytale of My Life) (1855) about his relationship to the church and his experiences. Hans Christian Andersen was afraid of the dark and seldom went out when it was dark outside, but when he occasionally passed by the cemetery in the late evening, he would close his eyes and run away with the danger of running into someone or fall and get hurt.
For his confirmation he wore his father’s old jacket and for the occasion wore a new pair of leather boots that squeaked. The creaking sound made him ecstatic and proud because it would notify everyone that the boots were new. This joy and pride would almost overshadow the celebrations at his confirmation.

Klosterbakken 2C, Odense, Danmark