Odense Castle

Odense Castle was originally located outside the city, but today it can be found on Nørregade 36, in the city centre and is located close to the king’s garden and the old railway station. The castle has, through several arrangements, been rebuilt and modernized, but the castle was in 1723 eventually erected along with a striking garden in a classical French style. The garden was completed in 1730, a made the castle a distinctive place.
In 1815-1848 the castle functioned as governor residence for Funen’s first Governor Crown Prince, Christian Frederik – later King Christian VIII and this gave Odense special status as “”the little Copenhagen””.
During this time Hans Christian Andersen’s mother worked in the castle as a washerwoman, and Hans Christian Andersen was often brought along. Here he played in the castle garden with the children of servants and the young Prince Frits, later King Frederik VII.
The only two honorary citizens of Odense are in fact King Frederik VII and Hans Christian Andersen: one from society’s absolute top and one from the absolute bottom of society.

Nørregade 36, Odense, Danmark