Assistens Graveyard

Hans Christian Andersen was after his death in 1875 buried in Copenhagen in Assistens Cemetery. Many famous and important Danes lie buried here.
Assistens Cemetery is in the densely populated Nørrebro in Copenhagen and is a geographically enclosed area. The cemetery was built in Nørre Forstad in 1760, the cemetery’s oldest section . The area was at the time not a “”-bro district”” (bridge) characterized by hobby farms and the Royal Palace Blågården. A large part of the people who have influenced the last 300 years of Danish and world history can be found in Assistens, including a significant part of the great personalities of the Golden Age:
Madame Schall, Carl Dahlén, Giuseppe Siboni, Simon Meisling, Rasmus Nyerup, Søren Kirkegaard, H.C. Oersted, Henrik Hertz, Wilhelm Pedersen, Signe Læssøe, Henriette Hanck and Ida Wilde to name just a few of the cemetery total of 300,000.
Today Assistens is known as more than a cemetery, since it also includes a Museum section, parkarea and it is planned that the Cultural Centre Assistens will develop the first digital graveyard in 2017.

Kapelvej 4, København, Danmark