Eleventh Evening

“It was a wedding celebration,” related the Moon. “Songs were sung and toasts proposed; everything was rich and splendid. It was past midnight before the guest departed. The mothers kissed the bride and groom; then they were alone. I saw them through the window, although the curtains were almost drawn; a lamp lighted the cozy room.

” ‘Thank heaven they have left!’ he said, and kissed her hands and lips. She smiled and cried, resting her head on his chest as happily as the lotus flower rests on the flowing water. And they spoke soft and blissful words.

” ‘Sleep sweetly!’ he exclaimed, as she drew the window curtains aside.

” ‘How beautifully the moon is shining!’ she said; ‘see how quiet and how clear it is.’ And she put out the lamp; it became dark in the cozy room, but my light then shone, as brightly as his eyes shone.

“Femininity, kiss thou the poet’s harp when he sings of the mysteries of life!”



Original Danish title: “Ellevte Aften” translated by Jean Hersholt.